Inside: Lecture on 360 ° Video

Doing things for the first time is only possible once. And because and Mitsubishi with that 360 ° -Video the first to do a virtual test drive, there was a lot to talk about.

Lecture on the 360 ​​° video in Hamburg @ministrygmbh

The accompanying digital agency behind the project was MINISTERS from Hamburg and I don't have to talk a lot around the bush, the result of our first 360 ° turn simply knocked my socks off. But one after the other.

Where - the video: 360 ° video - test drive Mitsubishi ASX you can click here directly and shorten it - everyone else read on and have the opportunity to see the “Behind-the-Scenes” video.

Lecture in Hamburg

The idea for the 360 ​​° video didn't come from me. This idea was brought to me. That was in autumn 2015 and after a first test it quickly became clear that this technology is the best solution for realizing “virtual test drives”. But also very complex. It takes a professional digital agency to do the job and present an end product that will not only impress a few nerds, but also decision-makers in the company.

The shoot in Hamburg

After a few mistakes and unanswered questions, the choice as digital partner and implementing partner quickly fell on “Ministry” in Hamburg. The location? We actually all wanted to go to South Africa, but the budget for the test run would probably not even have covered the travel expenses for all of us to Johannisburg, so we stick with the second best choice: Hamburg.

After weeks ago the entire republic was in winter depression, we started from the weather worst case in Hamburg. Lighting technicians were organized, the lighting of the vehicle optimized, and what was the point then? Right. Probably the sunniest day in Hamburg. Cold, but extremely sunny. No clouds in the sky and instead of too little light, there was too much light.

"Say that in one go, free .."

The announcement was clear - so that the post-production remained manageable, the entire shoot should be recorded in one take. This may be simple for a professional moderator. It was a real job for me.

Especially since the shooting started with a breakdown, whoever attended our lecture in Hamburg yesterday knows the breakdown - for everyone else it will remain a secret. Honest. I'm not going to tell you how I overlooked a sign when reversing and first demolished the car. Embarrassing.

As you can imagine, this action was not helpful for stage fright. In the end we drove the chosen route twelve times. Freely spoken twelve times. Sometimes for three minutes, sometimes for 6 minutes. And in the end the director's announcement was clear: And now Bjoern, just speak freely.

I did this. And in the end we also took this take.


Experience with 360 ° video

Having ideas is relatively easy. It's harder to find someone to implement these ideas with. In the end, however, to pull through such a project for the first time, to create a completely new format, to find back to the role despite the parking bump, to “stitch” the video from 7 GoPros together so ingeniously that at the end you no longer see any transitions - wow - that really took the right chemistry in the team.

My thanks therefore go to Mitsubishi Motors and Ministry in Hamburg. And because everything went so well, yesterday we were allowed to take part in this project as part of the "Fireside chat" speak. With me on stage, my colleague Henrik Lujindijk from Mitsubishi.

So - told enough - here is the promised “behind-the-scenes” video:


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