Car insurance change: Make sure to compare the prices

You can save money by changing your insurance policy, and you should definitely compare the prices of different competitors

The deadline for changing vehicle insurance is getting closer. It is worth checking your own contract and comparing it with the prices of competitors.  

Every autumn, motor vehicle insurers advertise special offers to customers who are willing to switch. But even for those who have not yet considered a change, a review of your own contract can be worthwhile.

Especially when taking out a policy with fully comprehensive protection, several insurers should always be compared with one another. Price differences of 50 percent and more with comparable performance are not uncommon. It is relatively easy to find out more about the various price comparison portals on the Internet (for example Check24, Verivox,, It is relatively easy to find out more about the various price comparison portals on the Internet - it is best to consult several at the same time.

An analysis shows that a price comparison would be useful

Checking the conditions can also make sense from a further point of view: For example, in an analysis of around 49.000 contracts and terminations by his customers in 2019, the contract manager Volders found that women paid 795 euros per year on average 57 euros more for their car insurance have as men (738 euros per year).

A price comparison also makes sense because insurers can easily hide price increases in existing contracts: if the premium does not drop as much as it should. The reason for a reduction in the amount is, for example, the no-claims class, which is improved annually, provided you drive without an accident.

But if you have the prospect of cheaper insurance, you don't necessarily have to switch. Often it is enough to present the offer to the current insurance industry in order to receive a cheaper premium. For most car insurance companies, November 30th is the deadline; by this time a letter of termination must have been received in order to terminate the contract in due time.


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