Carry children safely in the car thanks to matching child seats

Child seats are an acquisition that some parents are reluctant to do. Unfortunately, it still happens today that many a motorist sees the purchase of restraints for babies and children a necessary evil. Reason are primarily the cost, because even cheap models can burden the household budget. In addition, it is necessary over time to buy several restraints. Because the children get bigger and heavier, the seats have to be replaced several times.

However, it is wrong to consider the purchase of child seats as a necessary evil. After all, it is about the safety of children in traffic. If an accident occurs, restraints, if properly selected, will make a major contribution to the safety of the children. Especially babies and toddlers would be inadequately protected without these systems because the safety systems developed by the automakers are primarily geared to adult occupants.

The law requires motorists to drive children in conjunction with restraints. In order to be able to dispense with a device, the child must have reached at least a height of 150 centimeters or be 12 years old. In case of breach threatens not only a fine in the amount of 40 Euro, but also a point in Flensburg.

There are three different types of restraints, which are briefly presented below.

Baby Seat

The infant carrier is a portable unit that allows the child to carry safely outside the vehicle. The switch completely encloses the baby and thus ensures good protection. In most baby bowls, babies tend to lie rather than sit.

Child seat

For the child seat, the children take on an elevated sitting position and are additionally protected on the back as well as on the sides. Basically, the effect is quite similar to the baby seat, but the seat is much wider open and the child basically takes an upright sitting position.

Booster seat

Booster seats lead exclusively to an elevated seating position. There is no additional support on the back or on the sides. Thanks to the booster seat, the child is in a position that ultimately allows to use the normal seat belt without it running along the head.

Select retaining device correctly

Year after year restraints of Automobile Club and car magazines tested. The tests make it clear that between the individual child seats sometimes blatant security differences exist. That's why it does not matter which model you choose. If you pay attention to the price, you may find it a bad choice.

Although cheap child seat models do not have to be bad in principle, there is a certain risk. The tests show that most good models are found in the middle and upper price segment. But even there sometimes models are discovered that do not get a buy recommendation.

When choosing, it is important that the seat fits the child. This in turn means having to consider the weight and height of the child. In total, there are five different weight classes, in which the individual systems are divided.

  • Group 0 and group 0 + include restraints for children up to 9 kg and up to 13 kg. The maximum age is then about 15 months.
  • 1 seats are designed for children weighing 9 kg to 18 kg or approximately 9 months to four and a half years old.
  • Group 2 includes child restraints from 15 kg to 25 kg or 3 to 7 years old.
  • Group 3 mainly comprises booster seats, for children with 22 kg to 36 kg or an age from 6 to 12 years.

It is not enough, however, to pay close attention to the group; it is also important to comply with the test standards ECE44 / 03 or ECE44 / 04 - otherwise the seats will not be approved for use in Germany. It is also important to consider the fastening system. While both the automakers and the rear-end manufacturers are struggling to make Isofix a standard, there are still quite a few vehicle models that are not compatible. In the manual of the vehicle can be read whether Isofix can be used. The advantage of this system is its simple yet reliable attachment. A connection with the car strap is no longer required.

In view of all these peculiarities, it is advisable to inform yourself in detail or to use the child seat advisor of and also read current test results. This makes it easier to ultimately find the child seat, which promises a high level of safety for the child.


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