Should I also turn on the air conditioning in winter?

Thomas Schuster, motor vehicle expert from the expert organization KÜS

Air conditioning is essential in summer. But it is also useful in winter.

Question: “I've heard that I should use the car air conditioner regularly even in winter. Is that correct?"

Answer from Thomas Schuster, motor vehicle expert at the expert organization KÜS: “In fact, the air conditioning shouldn't be permanently switched off even in the winter cold. It not only provides warmth, but also removes moisture from the air. This is especially useful when the inside of the windshield is fogging up. In comparison, with a pure fan heater it takes significantly longer until the view is clear again. "

Only on very cold days, even with air conditioning, it can take a while until the fogged windows are clear and you can start your journey. Especially when the interior of the vehicle has not yet warmed up sufficiently. Therefore, it is often helpful to set the fan to the max level as well. The airflow should be directed towards the windshield, if possible.

In vehicles with automatic air conditioning, the air conditioning compressor often switches on automatically at the start of the journey in order to dehumidify the air. If you have manual air conditioning, you should switch it on yourself before starting your journey. And switch it off again when the panes are free.

Occasional activation of the air conditioning system in winter also has a positive effect on its service life, because the seals and compressor remain well lubricated with regular use. In addition, regular switching between air conditioning and conventional fan heating generally reduces the risk of fungal attack. "

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