Klingmann: The factory pilot on the BMW M6 GT3

VLN season 2016, 62nd ADAC Westfalenfahrt. EUROPE, Germany, Rhineland Palatinate, Nuerburg, Nuerburgring, Nordschleife, April 02.04.2016nd, 12 Copyright Stefan Baldauf / SB-Medien - Contact: Stefan Baldauf, Mozartstr. 56220, 49 Bassenheim, T. (+171) 5290990 XNUMX, info@sbmedien.com

Jens Klingmann works as a factory driver and joins 44. 24h race at the Nürburgring to drive a BMW M6 GT3. Promisingly, the team has achieved triple victory at the VLN as a prosperous cushion on their shoulders, which hopefully will not make them too sure. In the interview with the factory pilot, it did not appear. Jens Klingmann talks about the development of the BMW Z4 GT3 to the successor, the BMW M6 GT3.

So the current race car is completely new and shares almost no components with its predecessor. From the beginning involved in the development, Klingmann tells of the first test drives, innovations and difficulties. For the upcoming 24h race, the racer points out that the M6 GT3 is the youngest vehicle in the competitive environment - and tries to soften the effect of the VLN triple victory.

He was all the more surprised at the first race and even more at first tests on the Nürburgring, which took place in the rain. But the car was in great shape. Initially it only irritated him that the M6 is larger than the Z4 and therefore you can not squeeze into every little gap. But he got used to it. It is more important to fix the still existing small construction sites on the car. For example, the team is currently working on traction control.

A tribute to the completely new development, after all, the M6 ​​does not take over anything from its predecessor, the BMW Z4 GT3. It has a better engine, a V8 biturbo, which still has potential and would offer more torque. In addition, the ABS is completely new and better. In addition, the BMW M6 GT3 now has many more setting options. The only question that arises is whether the bolide is also fit for the upcoming long-distance race - despite the many improvements.

The factory driver deviates a bit, but says that the vehicle has taken a big step forward and perhaps in a year in its development would be - but maybe not. After all, he sees the race car as competitive. I liked the development of the M6. At first he was just a car, without ABS or anything else that was used only for data-gathering. So would have taken the first seat on a wooden seat, in which only was determined at what height the steering wheel should be installed or which buttons where to be installed. At the time, lap times were still secondary - unlike the 24h race.

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