Correction - Citroën C5 test car

Some mistakes are so embarrassing. Seriously. 

Okay, we don't remember phone numbers anymore, everything is on the cell phone and the calculations are done on the computer. But still - you should be able to count as 100 as a motor journalist / automotive blogger.

It becomes particularly embarrassing if you don't notice the error yourself - especially if you still thought during the test: WOW - such an ingenious car that will surely land far ahead in the evaluation. And then - only 69 out of 100 points - human - that alone would have made me wonder have!

Luckily I have readers who not only had singing and clapping in school, and better still, they don't keep my mistakes to themselves, they show them to me. Thank you. In this case: Michael Beckmann - thank you, Because the Citroën C5 did not get 69 points at the end, but got 74 from 100 and did not land on 12 of my current version Test car-top listbut rank 8!

Who found another mistake?

It's worth it - because Michael Beckmann is now getting a 25 € AMAZON voucher from me - should I not have miscalculated .. 😉



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