Lucid Motors Air - Noble against Tesla

Lucid Motors launched its first model called Air

Electric car brands have been springing up like mushrooms recently. One of these new players is the California-based company Lucid Motors. In 2018, the Americans want to launch a Tesla fighter that shows off with ridiculous performance and a huge range. Now the Air sedan was introduced as the first model.

The glass roof ensures a light-flooded interior

This is an elegant luxury liner with a refreshing, avant-garde touch that would suit a brand like Citroen well. This first statement shows that Lucid Motors is serious about establishing itself as a veritable competitor to Tesla.

The cockpit of the Air is plastered with displays

The key technical data are also impressive. The two electric motors located on the axles are designed to mobilize a total of 1.000 hp. This performance should allow a sprint time from a standstill to 100 km / h in less than three seconds. The luxury Stromer can not only drive fast, but also particularly far. At 130 kWh, the Air's battery is larger than all the batteries currently in use. The range is given as a comfortable 640 kilometers.

The model planned for 2018 should compete against the Tesla Model S.

Speaking of comfort: here too the sedan should move at a high level. The drive components have moved relatively far to the edges of the vehicle, which allows the passenger compartment to be generously dimensioned. In addition to plenty of space, the occupants can enjoy fine ambience on four individual seats. The cockpit is very tidy because switches and levers are in short supply. Instead, there are plenty of displays. A powerful touchscreen is located in the center console, and the area behind the steering wheel is paved with digital displays. Here, occupants can use fully networked multimedia worlds while the car is driving. Technically, the vehicle should in any case be equipped for autonomous driving.

In addition, the Air should offer a range of up to 130 kilometers thanks to a 640 kWh battery

The fun won't be cheap. The Air is expected to cost more than $ 100.000 if it comes on the market in 2018. The schedule sounds ambitious as Lucid Motors has yet to raise $ 700 million to build a factory in Arizona. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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