Durchgedreht? Has he finally gone crazy?

What is this heading supposed to mean?

Well, Baaa-daa-dadada-daaaa is the refrain of the song that Maserati chose as the musical backing for his Kubang video clip.

Maserati? Kubang?

Let's start at the beginning. Maserati is a brand with a great history and a name like Donnerhall. Maserati is now part of the FIAT Group and benefits from its proximity to Ferrari. And that's why the emotionally drawn Maserati models with fine hardware from Maranello are allowed to go to the start.

Now that Fiat also holds a part of Chrysler shares, synergies have to be created. And it looks like exactly what is happening is what “ReBadging” does not adequately describe. Because the “re-labeling” of vehicles is only really successful in a few variants. A good example of the success of re-badging has been shown by the Volkswagen Group for a few years. However, one also experiences the limits there. Because the SEAT Exeo, which has to wear the old clothes from the Audi Group, is a lot - just certainly not a success story.

Really bad examples of reBadging, the US carmaker have already made in series and it looks like now Maserati next victim.

The Maserati Kubang will become the inevitable SUV model from the House of Maserati and then based on a reasonably adapted Jeep Grand Cherokee. Probably combined with the Maserati all-purpose engine, which in turn is supplied by Ferrari.

What comes out in the end?

Any SUV without its own character. A colorless decal from embarrassing marketing reveries. And to communicate this vision vigorously, whoever did it - Maserati presented an “image clip”, which impresses at the beginning (about the first 15 seconds) with the history of the brand and a groovy sound - but at the end it shows very clearly what you can expect. A mash-up of interchangeable music clips with superstar talent and a poorly digitized promo clip for another SUV. It is a pity. Just a shame.

Here is the clip:


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