mein-auto-blog wins “Automotive Brand Contest 2015”

We rarely write news on our own behalf here. It has to be today. As the founder of mein-auto-blog, I was chosen as the winner of the important international competition.

mein-auto-blog is the winner of the AUTOMOTIVE BRAND CONTEST 2015 in the area: DIGITAL!

How did we win?

At the beginning of the year, I brought the idea of ​​a 360 ° video to Mitsubishi Motors. The goal was a completely new implementation of the “classic test drive” idea. Involve the viewer in the experience - take it with you and inspire completely new.

Mitsubishi-Motors found the idea good and together with the lead agency VOON the project was implemented in record time. The completed 360 ° video went online at the beginning of April, well ahead of the growing number of competitors:

First: The virtual 360 ° test drive in the Mitsubishi ASX

Hell yes, baby - we are winners! 

201509030_2The virtual 360 ° test drive in the Mitsubishi ASX was awarded at the Automotive Brand Contest 2015 in the "Digital" category. The Mitsubishi importer MMDA was the first car manufacturer to use a novel video concept that allows you to (almost) experience the ASX live on screen. The viewer becomes an active passenger and forgets the reality in a matter of seconds after sitting in the passenger seat next to the driver. He is immediately in the middle of the virtual test drive - in the middle of the Mitsubishi ASX. Science fiction was yesterday.

The jury of the "Automotive Brand Contest" In the "Digital" category, honors special services in the areas of websites, social media, innovative measures, banners, trailers, online publications, newsletters, web specials, digital advertising media, interfaces and vehicle diagnostics.

The award ceremony will take place on September 15, 2015 at the IAA in Frankfurt.

At this point I want to say thank you again to everyone involved! Thank you Mitsubishi Motors for this opportunity, thanks to VOON for the fabulous cooperation, thanks to the moving image and digital professionals from: MINISTRY, 6ft RABBITT Productions and to LUKA and atrikom!

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