Mercedes 190 E, BMW 320i and Audi 90 in comparison

Car tests from a time when the roles of the three German premium manufacturers were still clearly defined. BMW the sporty, Mercedes the comfortable and Audi the climber. Gert Hack got his Dipl.-Ing. fade in every time and came to the conclusion that the Audi was too expensive, the aerodynamics too ambitious and the workmanship of the Audi 90 2.3 not consistently good. In 1987 there was still no noticeable “click-clack-double-click” in the Audis. Instead, there was progress through technology thanks to a 2.3 liter five-cylinder, the best aerodynamics and innovative details like that Procon Ten visible and the three “premium manufacturers” were on a clear line.

Today all three want to be premium in every segment. BMW will be eco, Mercedes will be sporty and Audi will find its way back to progress through technology.

The test of the 190 E, the E30 320i and the Audi 90 2.3 - a piece of childhood memories!


And with the upper classes from the past millennium, it continues when “not everyone automatically thought of Mercedes when it came to the upper class” ...

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