Mercedes wins in assistance systems comparison


What assistance systems do the German automobile manufacturers offer and who ends up best in the test? Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi were invited to take part in this test and before the test came it was clear:

Mercedes-Benz wins in comparison of the assistance systems.

Because at Audi, a query that was several weeks old could not be answered, only the standard email auto responders on the subject of availability, fleet and so on. At BMW, you couldn't get an answer. Incredible 3 questions, incredible zero answers!

At Mercedes-Benz the answer was:

“Sure, we'll bring you with Dr. Ing.XYZ together, he takes time for you, shows you new systems that we are working on so that you know what will be feasible today and soon tomorrow. When do you want to fly to us on day X? And is the CLS 350 CDI with complete assistance equipment ok as a test car? "


Even before the systems could be tested, only one manufacturer can emerge as the winner: Mercedes-Benz!

By the way, that didn't happen to me, it happened to another pro blogger. A blog legend. An onliner by name. And I really wonder how clumsy can you be in line? And by that I mean you: Audi and BMW! These are not annoying requests from kiddies who want to drive a big car. You are wasting your entire competence in such negligent handling of blogger inquiries that you really only want to hit your head on the table with full steam.

Congratulations, again, to Stuttgart! Well done!


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