The pulse of a new generation?

Mercedes-Benz is presenting the new A-Class these days. And I'm in the middle of it. Today, Friday, I was flown to Slovenia together with many other representatives of the “new media” and there I met the new A-Class for the first time.

The new A-Class - a real premium compact?

I keep a secret when I say how modestly I found the old A-class. The first model was simply a disaster and the second facelift generation was still an old men's transport box. No, no matter what you did in Stuttgart, I certainly would not have bought an A-Class.

With the “new” A-Class, Daimler does everything differently. The sandwich bottom is out. The old man look history and instead of a moose provocateur, the Stuttgart group is now putting a classic “hot hatch” on the wheels. How “hot” is it really? What good is he? And what will the former target group say?

And will the “newcomer” appeal to the new, young, dynamic target group? Gone are the days when the little Benz was a kind of mini-van. Everything different - but also better?

The answer to these questions, soon on the blog. I have already found 2 points that seriously bother me: The slack feeling on the gas pedal and the poor all-round view. To the accelerator, the all-round view and much more, then later ...




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