Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Large gallery - No company photos!

From the series: The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Presentation - Part 4, the large picture gallery. [W205]

Mercedes-Benz had left me in the vicinity of the new C-Class before the public presentation. While the major trade media were taking part in the inspection, Motor-Talk spoke with Michael Schumacher about the assistance systems - I sweat in the photo studio and took my own photos of the new C-Class.

Since I am not a born photographer, I was grateful for any help. The biggest came from Canon Germany. Because all photos on this page are with the Canon 1Dx been shot. And because this camera is usually used by professionals, the professional photographer also had such a camera in the Daimler photo studio. The actual photo shoot with the star model from Stuttgart became a small photo workshop. And then what did I forget - while I was philosophizing with the product managers about the right time for hybrid and AMG versions? Exactly, this oh so important photo with its own mincing face behind the wheel of the new star. You know this from the specialist media - the headline is then usually: “Blah was already inside". Well - I was inside too - but much more important, I brought a load of very own photos:

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