Mercedes-Benz CLA Presentation - Detroit

Anyone who knows me also knows: Show is not my thing and I understand lifestyle as “cool” when it comes to you Road trip for example, from LA to Detroit and within a few days you can cover a distance of over 4.500 kilometers. This market-crying present of Auto and the show that you like to do about it, that in turn is not for me.

Mercedes-Benz CLA - The “compact sedan coupé” with four doors!

Actually, I once assumed that we would be holding the world premiere of the new "Baby Benz ” Experience the series - but Mercedes-Benz has decided to fully dedicate the appearance at the North American International Automobile Show to the E-Class facelift.

Instead, I was in the context of the Mercedes-Benz New Year's reception to the guest of a small * cough * show around the premiere of the CLA.

See for yourself:


Yes! - But the conversations with the experts from Mercedes-Benz were even cooler. Especially with Gordon Wagoner. What a “cool sock”….

People are loyal to me, there is so much more and who would like to read more about the CLA in English, which should egmCARTECH visit .... or you stay with German and take a look at that Contribution from Jens !


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