Mercedes-Benz Superbowl clip 2015

Superbowl. Always an event. In the last few years the focus has changed from the “field goal” to the “advertising clip”. It is the best airtime in the USA: 100 million people are happy to watch during the break in the “Superbowl” - so it's no wonder when the broadcasting minute is calculated at 9 million euros.

Rabbit, turtle and Mercedes-AMG

The 60 second spot from Mercedes-Benz will reinterpret the old race between rabbit and hedgehog. Personally, I knew only the story between the rabbit and the hedgehog, the variant of Mercedes-Benz with the turtle was new to me. Unlike in the story with the hedgehog I know, the turtle variant is not about cheating. In the event of a rabbit and turtle race, it is about being snooty and persistent. That fits better with the advertising, who wants to be told that he cheated.

With the 4.0 liter V8 Bi-Turbo under the sexy hood the turtle has definitely found the right “racing car” for this race ... now you can guess three times how the advertising clip will turn out 🙂



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