Mercedes-Benz, a name where everyone has the same picture in mind: a big shiny star. Thanks to an extremely active social media department at Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart and its pioneering role in dealing with bloggers, the Mercedes-Benz brand in my blog belongs to the automobile manufacturers with the most entries and articles.


All articles on driving reports and events, around the brand Mercedes-Benz I list in this article. From the A-Class to contributions by my guest author Pitt about the genesis of the G-Class, a lot of entertaining and informative about the Swabian brand has come together.


Mercedes-Benz 15 CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake

dream car

The CLS Shooting Brake has been my latest dream car since its launch. An exceptional vehicle with an exceptionally good design. As CLS 63 AMG SB then blessed with more engine power than my driving license really good. The Conclusion to the driving report is here and the Driving Report CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake is here [click] to find. Incidentally, the Shooting Brake was presented in Florence - a nice place for an even nicer car. As many also at this event Bloggers were there, there was also a Blogger Rundschau here. But of course also your own Driving report to Shooting Brake [klick].



A-class - driving report

Mercedes A-Class

A special representative of the A-Class is the A45 from AMG with the currently most powerful two-liter four-cylinder engine. To the driving report: [klick], Was presented the A45 for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show [click]. Powerful under pressure - A45 AMG. Of course there is one too Driving report about the "normal A-Class", Incidentally, this was also my first Mercedes driving report! And from GTI fright, the A250 There was also a separate article.



Mercedes-Benz 33 CLA presentation

Mercedes CLA

The new four-door coupe in the compact car class? Or just a particularly elegantly drawn limousine? The CLA embodies many things. As CLA 45 AMG especially power. The I was able to “normal” CLA at the international driving show test.



Mercedes-Benz B Class Electric Drive 16 New York 2013

Mercedes B-Class

Presented this year in New York, the B-Class "Electric Drive", So far, I can only present a fair report for this purpose.



Mercedes Benz C-Class Estate Driving Report

Mercedes C-Class

This Mercedes is perfect for everyday wear. Of the C250 cdi 4matic is a real all-rounder in the T-model version. My driving report was accordingly positive [click]. 



E500 coupe blog post

Mercedes E-Class Coupé / Convertible

On the way to Sylt, I got to know the new coupe of the E-Class, the Driving Report treats the potent 408 PS strong E500 with V8 engine. Since there is also a convertible version of the E-Coupé and Sylt is ideally suited to experience this too, just like that Driving report to E400 convertible after.

This article at Cander dealt with a completely different convertible SLK 250 was visiting him and I reported about it as usual.



mercedes-benz 018 new e-class

Mercedes E-Class

This year has Mercedes the E-class an extremely extensive make-up lost. There were also many new ones assistance systems, And to give it all away, there were a lot of PR activities. Of the Driving event in March, I have again a Blogger Rundschau  compiled. Special highlight was of course the Test drive with the E63 AMG S 4matic [click], In addition, there were impressions to E400 as T-model [click]. The Premiere for the E-Class took place in Detroit.



The new S-Class. Press Drive, Canada 2013, The new S-Class. Press Driving Presentation in Canada, 2013

Mercedes S-Class

W222 is the internal name of the new S-Class. The driving event took place in Toronto instead and among other things I have an article about the manyElectronic helper”Written in the new S-Class. But also about the advances in consumption and fuel efficiency, such as the S 300 Bluetec Hybrid [click].  Already the Premiere of the S-Class in the hangars of Airbus in Hamburg was impressive. And how much Theater was about “a single photo” of the S-Class made when it was still camouflaged. But even the supposedly best car in the world is not without criticism. In this case, I am criticizing that Comand system of the new S-Class. The criticism, however, stands very special comfort, And above all one new benchmark in the field of safety! There are two articles [klick]. And also introduced in the S-Class: The Belt Bag [click].



Mercedes-Benz 008 M-Class ML250

Mercedes ML

The big SUV in the test with the small diesel engine. How well do the 250 CDI and the ML fit together? My driving report has brought the solution. 



Mercedes-Benz G-model development stories

Mercedes G-model

With the articles to the G model of Mercedes (no class?) It concerns, as with the Story about the size of the tankto my article Guest author Pitt Moos. But Pitt didn't just write about the G-Model, one too Review of the “small Mercedes coupés”Has already been published. The life of Terrain legend also illuminates Pitt in this article [click].



The Diesel Roadster SLK250

Mercedes Roadster

I drove the Mercedes SLK with the same engine as the much larger ML. But how does it fit? Diesel engine to the Roadster with star? The driving report makes it smarter. 

I still have not driven the SL. The pictures I have seen from the SL, made no great desire for the big Mercedes Roadster. 



Mercedes-Citan falls-in-EuroNCAP crash test-gallery picture-by-1

Mercedes commercial vehicles

From the beginning I was skeptical about this cooperation, The best or nothing? Difficult to realize when reaching for your own city delivery van on a nearly 10 years old French back. Mercedes did it anyway and the first one Crash test was a public relations disaster.



Roadtrip MBRT13 - End

Mercedes road trip

There was already a real highlight at the start of the year. The Mercedes-Benz road trip from Los Angeles to Detroit. Within 5 days we drove across the USA - code name # mbrt13, Visited on the way: The Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Center in Carlsbad.



One night in the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Mercedes Museum

A very special attraction was the The Mercedes-Benz Museum was invented. One night in the museum, What sounds like a movie title, was also the prelude to a night between very special models.


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