Mercedes brings the new C-Class - W205

Will it happen in Geneva 2014, or already in Detroit? One thing is clear, Mercedes will launch the new C-Class early in 2014 (Series W205) present. An S-Class in small, that much is also safe.

Update: Everything about the new C-Class W205 - [click here!]

I was able to see the new C-Class with my own eyes and I can say that what AutoBild did in its magazine a few weeks ago is only half the story. Even if AutoBild wanted to give the impression that the computer retouching was already the truth, the newspaper boys from Hamburg are mightily wrong in some details. Among other things, the overall effect of the front is different once you stand in front of the real vehicle.

Photography prohibited - W205 drives under the protection of confidentiality

Mercedes-Benz001 W205 C-Class 2014

The retouches that I took over from theophiluschin a few months ago are unfortunately much further away from the original than the photo-realistic computer pics from AutoBild.

Also the Erlkönig photos of the usually perfectly instructed "mb-passion guys! are not particularly helpful.

The easiest thing to do is imagine an evaporated S-Class. The new S-Class has bequeathed a lot to the new C-Class, even if the sidelines in particular appear a little more sober and “less avant-garde”. But you shouldn't forget that the new C-Class will be significantly smaller than the S-Class, even if it has increased by an estimated 10 centimeters in length.

Size but lighter

Even if the W205 will clearly grow due to the new CLA, the C-Class must not be heavier under any circumstances. The MB Passion experts even assume weight loss. Minus 75 kilograms would be my guess, because a lighter car always looks good in the press release. And 75 kilograms should be able to be represented within the development leap.

Three-cylinder, turbo and V8

For the first time, Mercedes-Benz will install a three-cylinder in a sedan. Thank you for CO2 emissions from Brussels. What will be saved on the one hand, however, should be used up again on the other hand with the new AMG C-Class. In the upcoming C-Class there will also be a V8 for the AMG version (write the MB Passion guys). I wouldn't be so sure about that, because the V6 bi-turbo is also likely to be a candidate for a C-Class in AMG after a strength cure in Affalterbach.

Wait. At the moment we have little more than to be patient.

In the coming week, Mercedes-Benz may talk a little bit about upcoming details of the W205 at a technology workshop. As soon as I find out something, it ends up in the blog!




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