Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake - new coupé station wagon at the top of the compact family

The Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake is coming in the fall

Mercedes is expanding its compact car family with speed. New top model is a sleek station wagon.

SP-X / Stuttgart. For prices starting from 32.200 Euro, the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake is now available. The base variant of the coupéhaft designed compact station wagon is powered by a 100 kW / 136 PS strong 1,3-liter turbo gasoline engine, which is coupled to a manual six-speed gearbox and front-wheel drive. Alternatively, there are three more gasoline with 120 kW / 163 PS to 165 kW / 224 PS to choose from, as well as three diesel with 85 kW / 116 PS to 140 kW / 190 PS. An automatic series, with the gasoline and the small diesel in the form of a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, in the big diesels as a classic converter automatic transmission with eight gears.

The basic features of the CLA Shooting Brake include automatic climate control, emergency braking assistance and cruise control. In addition, two higher equipment levels ("Progressive" and "AMG Line") as well as the special edition "1 Edition" are available. For 6.900 Euro additional payment compared to the base vehicle, it offers, inter alia, LED light, 19-inch wheels and black trim on the body. The delivery of all variants starts in September.

With the CLA Shooting Brake, the Mercedes compact family is still not complete. In addition to the A-Class with five-door and sedan, it currently consists of B-Class and CLA Coupe. The two crossover versions GLA and GLB are also available. The Shooting Brake is initially located at the top of the portfolio. The four-door CLA Coupé separate him with the same engine around 1.700 Euro.

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