Mercedes-Maybach, a detail is missing!

Before these days the driving report for the new one Mercedes-Maybach S600 appears a little criticism in advance. Constructive criticism. Because the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is missing an extra. The ultimate special equipment for chauffeur-driven limousines. He misses the icing on the cake, the precious cherry on the icing on the cake and I am disappointed, even formally horrified, that this assistance system was not invented by Mercedes-Benz!

If I were a tinkerer, I would now develop this assistant myself, have it patented and then spend my retirement in wealth on the Cayman Islands. Probably. But I'm not an inventor. I am giving this idea away as part of the blog article. So - what's missing from the Mercedes-Maybach?

It is not the water pre-heating for the lambskin in the footwell of row two, no, not even if everything else in the Maybach is heated at the customer's request: seats (clear anyway), steering wheel, center armrest and door panels. No. Nor is there another massage level for the excellent seats or the LTE modem - Daimler really still doesn't have that! Incomprehensible. But - sleeping in the rear of the Maybach, you don't need the LTE modem with WiFi hotspot. No, something much more important is missing!

The chauffeur assistant - exclusively for Mercedes-Maybach

Mercedes-Benz has committed extra chauffeurs for the product launch and press event of the Mercedes-Maybach S600. Apparently they were professionals. Well - it was probably not our driver. Maybe he was a stunt driver, a racing driver or just someone who drives a car well. But he was not a chauffeur, because he could not do one thing: stop in front of a traffic light without the passenger having to nod his head. Anyone who has a little sensitivity to the car knows this feeling when stopping. Run to the stop line and then slowly lower the brake so that the brake pressure slowly subsides and the car does not suddenly emerge from the submerged dampers. When braking, a car nods in the front, it dips into the suspension and when it stops, the springs push the vehicle nose up again. So far, so normal. If you handle your passengers with care, you can slowly reduce the braking pressure when braking before the traffic lights. The car does not dive as deep and does not dive out so abruptly. The passengers do not nod their heads.

Our driver drove to the traffic lights and kept on the brakes. The result? The peacefully snoring passenger nods and feels the interruption of the journey more than it should have been. This could be prevented with the “Chauffeur Assistant”.

Assistance systems for more comfort

The S-Class already has the largest armada of sensors and assistance systems, why not one that uses radar sensors in the nose to measure the distance to the vehicle in advance during braking and to reduce the brake pressure in a controlled manner?

If you stand alone at the traffic lights, the stereo camera could be used to capture the surroundings. It is probably a little tricky to fully automate the system without a vehicle in advance, but hey, Daimler brought the “non-locking” wheel into series production back then and tamed the horror of the moose. In principle, a pressure reduction in relation to the deceleration and the remaining speed is sufficient.

The chauffeur assistant would continue to turn off the beeps in the vehicle, deactivate navigation announcements and thus ensure even more quiet. In principle there are some settings that can be taken from the driver.

Of course, a first-class chauffeur would be able to take care of all these tasks himself, but you already know: good staff is difficult to find and with a good € 200.000 for a new Mercedes-Maybach, the running costs for the chauffeur would be easier to reduce if that " best chauffeur car in the world ”would give a few simple tips. For example with the “Chauffeur Assistance System” ... invented here at


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