Mercedes-Maybach - Spending money has never made anyone rich!

You can think of what you want: it will probably work. Bringing the big Maybach under the Mercedes-Benz roof as a small sub-brand makes sense. Because it just started with Mercedes-AMG and is now continuing with Mercedes-Maybach.

Above all, it is logical, because just as there are several series from AMG, others from Maybach will follow. So there was no other choice in Stuttgart than to give the (so far) largest S-Class the historically valuable name only “still” as a prefix.

In general, one shouldn't hang the discussion about the name too high. Of course - especially the carpet of the star - the disaster of the old Maybach reanimation is still very present to everyone. That's why it's good that you get the bold chrome-plated MM logo out of the closet.

Because the new Maybach is a good car.

World premiere037 Mercedes-Maybach S600

Because you sleep less than five kilometers after driving off. At the push of a button, the front passenger seat artfully folds in front of you, your armchair extends to the full span and you lie casually in the middle of this sea made of the finest nappa leather, lambskin, chrome and wood. Massaged, ventilated and comfortably heated.

The normal S-Class can do that too? Not correct. It is the additional XNUMX centimeters alone that make the Maybach a Maybach. If you drive in a profane S-Mercedes on similar chairs with an identical massage and the same leather, the main thing missing is space. Because you can lean back and put your feet up, but they can only be feet and your legs must be short. Not so in Maybach. Even large ones can easily accommodate without bumping anywhere in the display goods.

But next to the room, it is perhaps the calm that impresses even more deeply. Because: there is really calm in the rear of the Über-S. Of course we did not measure, nor do we know the decibel numbers of the competition by heart, but from experience we can say: nowhere will it be as quiet as in Maybach.

No murmuring of the six-liter can be heard, even with rough acceleration. And roughly he can: 530PS and 830Nm even pull 5.45m of Swabian heavy metal forward. Five seconds, the Swabians say, is enough for the sprint to 100, of course later at two fifty the tap is turned off electronically. But nobody wants to drive that fast anyway, because the litter function (in Mercedes-speaking Magic Body Control with Road Surface Scan) only comes up to about 130km / h with the unevenness of the road.

And you definitely don't want to miss them. Because: with such a digitally preloaded undercarriage that knows the ups and downs of the routes and carries you through the country like a bed in Abraham's lap, it is really big. Incidentally, the Maybach is even better than the standard S-Class. Exceptionally, the wheelbase and weight play a positive role here.

World premiere023 Mercedes-Maybach S600

Otherwise there is everything you need (or not): Burmester sound in high-end 3D with 24 loudspeakers and 1.5 kilowatts, perfume dispenser with air purification in a special Maybach aroma note, silver-plated champagne flutes, first-class rear, leather upholstery on Headlining, blackout panorama roofs, a refrigerator, two screens in the rear, folding tables, cool boxes, 230V sockets, comfort for the armrests, an extra telephone receiver in the rear, with which half the car can be controlled and (very important!) The Michelin Restaurant guide as a permanent installation on the navigation computer.

The price list comes to a total of 88 pages, which is why the price of a good EUR 134.000 for the V8 Maybach and just under 188.000 for the V12 variant are more to be understood as guidelines. Daimler knows that the fewest will surely be delivered below EUR 200.000. But even that is still far below the level of the competition - just that the car is now superior in its qualities.

And that will delight the 211.000 “ultra rich people” (those who have hoarded over $ 25 trillion together). Because nobody has ever got rich from spending money.



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