Mercedes Sprinter - Save with security

The radar-based distance assistant should also make everyday work easier

Driver assistance systems are becoming increasingly popular, and not just in passenger cars. They are now increasingly supporting van drivers.

SP-X / Stuttgart. Modern transporters in the weight category up to 5,5 tons are becoming more and more similar in terms of comfort and features of passenger cars, at least if not a basic model is ordered. From air conditioning to complex connectivity solutions, almost everything can be ordered in the so-called Sprinter class, which is also available in a car today.

The vans have also caught up in terms of safety. For example, the latest generations of Mercedes Sprinter or VW Crafter have numerous assistance systems. And these are becoming increasingly popular with fleet and fleet operators. Thus, the Mercedes managers register a rethinking of their customers. Ignored buyers the electronic helper offered for the first time in the Sprinter 2013 for the most part, stands out with the star available since summer 2018 new generation of the transporter with the star from turnaround. The trend in the Sprinter to vehicles, which have all the assistance systems on board, which are listed in the price list.

The reasons for that are complex. The times are over, that an employer was considered as caring towards his employees, when he ordered instead of the minimal equipment of a van a version with air conditioning and back seat. Today, companies need to win or retain drivers because of a lack of skilled workers, making everyday work easier and reducing stress factors. This can be done, for example, by parking and maneuvering systems. In the top version, sensors, rear-view camera and an 360-degree camera are used by the people of Stuttgart, making it easier to park and unpark. An important point in urban delivery traffic.

When reversing backwards with a transporter of up to seven meters in length, the "Rear Cross Traffic Alert" helps

But employers also save money through their investment. If sensors and cameras detect obstacles in good time and warn the driver, there are fewer scratches or dents that would otherwise have to be repaired. The parking systems can also help prevent accidents. The "Drive Away" helper reduces the speed to 3 km / h for the first meter when registering an obstacle in the driving area, so that a collision can be prevented. The "Rear Cross Traffic Alert" helps when parking backwards with a transporter up to seven meters long. In cooperation with the Blind Spot Assist, the electronic helper not only warns of approaching cross traffic visually and acoustically, but also automatically initiates emergency braking - if necessary and an automatic system is responsible for power transmission. Speaking of blind spot assistant: This not only warns when driving a vehicle that is in the "blind spot" of the exterior mirror, but also when standing. If the driver opens the door but approaches a vehicle from behind, an acoustic and visual warning is given. The system is active for up to three minutes after the ignition is switched off.

The daily work should also be facilitated by the radar-based distance assistant "Distronic", which works from Tempo 20 and complies with the set desired speed and complies with the selected minimum distance to the vehicle in front. If necessary, the assistant brakes the sprinter to a standstill. As soon as the traffic situation allows, the vehicle is accelerated back to the set desired speed. The crosswind assist, however, prevents a targeted braking intervention that comes off the track in strong lateral winds the vehicle.

In addition to cost savings by avoiding sheet metal damage and accidents due to assistance systems, fleet operators can often also score in insurance by the presence of helpers and negotiate cheaper contributions. Especially since the investment in the electronic helpers remains manageable. If you order the complete squad of helpers at the Sprinter, 3.000 Euro will be due.

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