With the Unimog through the Himalayas

Since May 2013, a Mercedes-Benz Unimog 435 1300 L is the "Honeymoon Suite" by Jennifer (37) and Peter Glas (42). In their almost 29 years old Unimog, they set off on a world tour indefinitely more than one and a half years ago. Meanwhile, 30 000 kilometers and the Himalayas are behind the globetrotters.

"We may not be the fastest with our 7 ton home, but we're getting every pass, and most of all, every pass," write Jennifer and Peter Glas. And so the two in their Unimog conquered several superlatives: The highest road in the world, the second and the third highest pass in the world and perhaps the worst road in the world - but the latter is only a very subjective assumption.

His journey wants to continue the journey to Southeast Asia. An end is still not in sight. Jennifer and Peter Glas share their experiences at www.glaarkshouse.com and on Facebook at "Glaarkshouse".

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