With summer tires in winter weather - Endangered insurance cover

In Germany there is a situational requirement for winter tires; in winter road conditions - slippery ice, snow, etc. - the tires must be on

Anyone with in winter weather summer tires is not only at risk of fines and points in Flensburg, but also his insurance cover, as the traffic experts at Huk-Coburg Insurance point out. Especially when slush has long been a hindrance to the streets.

The motor vehicle liability of the person causing the accident naturally regulates the damage suffered by the victim. However, it can subsequently take recourse against the insured person who has caused an accident without winter tires with up to 5.000 euros. Incorrect tires can also be a problem for the accident victim: If it can be proven that the accident victim's lack of winter equipment was the cause of the accident - because, for example, the braking distance has been drastically increased - the accident victim must reckon with joint liability. Then the liability insurance of the perpetrator no longer pays the damage in full, but only up to a certain percentage. But even those with comprehensive insurance who drive off without winter tires and damage their own car may only get part of the damage reimbursed.

In Germany, there is a situation where winter tires are compulsory; in winter road conditions - icy conditions, snow, etc. - the tires must be on. Those who disregard the rule risk a point and a fine of at least 60 euros if they are stopped by the police. In the event of an accident or if traffic is hampered by incorrect tires, the fine can rise to up to 120 euros. (Hanne Schweitzer / SP-X)

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