Mitsubishi Elbe meeting 2016

It smells of bratwurst, steaks and fellowship. Mudguards on fenders are lined with diamonds. The sports field in the small community in Saxony-Anhalt is filled to the last seat. Somehow a typical car meeting. With one exception: the family feeling. It is especially strong here. The attachment to the brand, the three diamonds in the grille, you live it out. The sports field in Pretzsch is for the twelfth time the scene for the biggest Mitsubishi fan meeting in Germany. Impressions from the heart of the Mitsubishi brand and the answer to the question: where do the little Mitsubishi fans come from?

Where do the little Mitsubishi fans come from?
Where do the little Mitsubishi fans come from?

381 vehicles came to Pretzsch. The entire model range of the diamond brand from the last 30 years and more. A familiar atmosphere, lively conversations between the rows of vehicles. The hoods open, interested looks everywhere. There is talk about CS3A and Garret turbochargers. 4G92 or 4G18? The hardcore core of the Mitsubishi fan community meets here on the sports field in Pretzsch. But while many other fan meetings are mainly characterized by the fact that the fans show little respect for other brands, one is open to other Japan cars and their owners here. However, the main role is played by the vehicles of the diamond brand. Regardless of whether the Mitsubishi Carisma, with which Mitsubishi introduced direct gasoline injection and stratified charging to increase efficiency long before other brands, or the rally Pajero with English road approval. If you want to find out more about the epic breadth of the Mitsubishi brand, you've come to the right place. A Mitsubishi Sport Coupé, with all-wheel drive, turbo V6, three-liter displacement, 286 hp and all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering. The Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4, a rare highlight that today you can only see with a lot of luck in everyday life.

Mitsubishi 3000 does not meet 2016

Where does the great love for the Mitsubishi models come from?

If you ask around on the pitch, the fans are particularly enthusiastic about the reliability, the technology and the fact that when you choose a Mitsubishi you are making a decision that is not entirely commonplace. Volkswagen or Opel? The neighbor drives. The traditional brand from Japan inspires fans with special technological solutions and for decades with innovations in series. That the durability is also convincing, it rounds off the image of the “reliable Japanese”.

The love for the car is deeply rooted here. For some people, the love for the three diamonds is taken with their mother's milk. Plaster casts of the pregnancy belly are then made and these are decorated with the three red diamonds. This answers the question of where the youngest Mitsubishi fans come from.

Twelfth elves meet 019 mobile phone

The big fans are meanwhile hard in the wind of the changeable weather of this 2016 event. With an average of 14 ° degrees, the summer this year was not particularly gracious to the fans who often camped on site. Sometimes torrential rains turn parts of the sports field into a muddy lunar landscape. No problem for Mitsubishi models with all-wheel drive. Whether Pajero or 3000 GT, the traction advantage is simply part of many Mitsubishi models.

758 participants met in Pretzsch this year. Did not let the mood caused by the weather capers, have celebrated in the family atmosphere and talk shop. The organizer of the Elbe meeting, Kai Wandersee, has with the 12. Edition again organized a big diamond festival.

Twelve Elbe meetings in a row - again in 2016 there were more Mitsubishi fans than in the previous year. 

The highlight of the Elbe meeting will take place on Saturday evening: the diamond chain. What sounds like a fashion accessory for the high society, is probably the longest traffic jam, consisting only of Mitsubishi. A Corso of all model years, of all models. From rally Mitsubishi to the new Space Star. About 40.000 PS, united in a korso of brand joy! Even if Pretzsch is only moving at a walking pace, the joy of the Mitsubishi brand does not detract from this.


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