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When the G started, we quickly noticed that a 4-cylinder at the price level of a 350 SE was not going towards the construction site. And into the forest - anyway only with wealthy hunters at the wheel.

Otherwise it was with the G rather via on the boulevard. They wanted a bit more pep and so it started with tags. It started, as so often, with colleagues in Paris left over from the buzzing, crazy, creative marketing shop of the MBF, which I liked to call Circus Dyckerhoff. They took a station wagon, went to Pierre Cardin and said "Do something!" (In French, of course). The result: a G totally in white, inside and outside. Great! In Stuttgart, everyone fell into a collective powerlessness, because there were other taste buds. The French actually sold the car as well.

No, things were different in Germany. We did not do anything at first, but in some branches there were creative freedom nests despite strict regiment and so built the Stuttgart colleagues in the seclusion of the workshop in Hallschlag (as it did not beheaded Grosskopfeten) a white 230 G open briefly. War paint painted (!), Bullenfänger and side skirts made of sturdy tubular steel and fat Porsche rims (fits!) With US tires in decent width.

Our developers had always said that there are no tires for so much weight and speed. I had thought "such a Blazer or Bronco are also running 160 and are not elves" and the Hall hit have something American worried about.

Then the new S_class, the W126, was presented and there was an event in the Türlenstrasse. For decoration, they put the souped-up 230 G in a corner. And then comes this S-class customer and sees the G. Runs right there and asks what the cost should be.

Shit! No one had thought of calculating a price.

So somehow the customer got put off and then the smock went up in flames.
The colleagues called me and asked for help. I have arranged an appointment with the development department.

On the one hand: sales manager and technical director with their 230 G.

On the other hand, about 20 masters and engineers from the commercial vehicle attempt.

After all, it took 13 signatures to release a report from bottom to top. I in between. The gentlemen looked at the car and were very impressed by the quality of the work. That gave me courage and I asked them if they would help with a black number approval.

Then twenty times shaking his head for no.
Back outside I tried to cheer up the colleagues a little bit. The customer was waiting for the car, he did not care about the price. I finally: "Just try it at the TÜV in Feuerbach. You are there every day. You can not get more than a no.

Two days later, the phone rang: "We have an approval!" Hurray!

The G we have then again shown the test colleagues. With black number. They were not so happy as we were. I've been told that there was even a dispute between board colleagues, such as "Who actually develops cars here? Mine or yours? "

At some point there were the thick slippers ex works. And after the car wash in Untertürkheim had been rebuilt - 185 tires were now also a thing of the S-Class - all G fit in there and no longer had to be washed in the truck at the truck stop.


Cover Picture: Mercedes G-Model, Tuned by Brabus - "Today quite normal. G-Model with solid tuning".
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