#myjourney - on the big tour with Honda

The Power of Dreams - Honda's claim for years. And again and again the Japanese manage to breathe new life into the spirit behind this claim.

HONDA Germany was among other things the first automobile manufacturer to give me a test car has provided. That was almost three years ago, but that memory will remain. Honda had previously supported a social media experiment by Alex Kahl: 10.000 kilometers through Europe

And what does a company do with these experiences if the spirit of the experiments is to be carried on? Right: continue!


The idea behind #myjourney has nothing to do with Alex Kahl's trip or with the experiments with car bloggers (long before others woke up!) But is based on a trip by an English couple. But the two of them didn't just want to go somewhere, no, they should go around the globe.

A trip around the world in a HONDA CIVIC made in 1987.

Just in time for the travel season, HONDA is launching a social media campaign, the others on their own trips, trips, excursions and Road Trips should share.

I really like this idea and also if the website of #myjourney is still quite empty, I will be happy to use #myjourney on my trips this year when I tweet photos again!

Here we go … 



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