N24h - CarCollection switches from Michelin to Dunlop

The magic, the magic, or black gold. If you listen to motor sports enthusiasts when describing a good racing tire, then suddenly, it seems that the round, black rubbers have a fascination that cannot be understood as a normal Otto driver.

In the hunt for tenths of a second, however, the tire plays an eminently important role. In contrast to road cars, it is not primarily about the tire width, but about the compound, the structure and construction of the tire. One can therefore speak of “magic”. In the case of racing vehicles, it also depends on whether a tire also fits the vehicle. So do you find the right setup? Can the car, the tire and the driver get “warm” together?

You don't change a tire manufacturer in between

While you can switch from brand A to brand quite easily with road tires, it is a little different in motorsport. Finding the right tire is a process. That's a lot of collaboration between the team and the tire manufacturers' experts. And during a race weekend you don't just change the manufacturer of the black gold.

Car Collection has done just that. The Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS GT3 drove on Michelin racing tires this morning until the second qualifying session - just in time for the second qualifying session, the Walluf team switched to Dunlop brand slicks. The tires manufactured in Hanau ideally match the privately used SLS, team boss Andreas Herbst said in an interview.

With the tires from Hanau we can massively improve our lap times.

In conversation with autohub.de it became clear why. The French tire manufacturer only offers two tire compounds for privately used GT3 vehicles. And even the softer one didn't get reasonably warm in yesterday's training. However, temperatures of around 90 ° are absolutely necessary for such a sports tire to achieve its optimum performance.

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Michelin does not offer private teams the same quality as the factory teams

Now you can't tell the tire manufacturer from France what tactics they use to influence the competition on the track and how you can benefit the valued factory teams. But the use of a Mercedes-AMG SLS GT3 to participate in N24h costs quite a bit € 200.000 - no team wants to start with disadvantages because of the tires.

Changing from Michelin to Dunlop tires easily costs the Team Car Collection three additional hours in the box. The suspension setup has to be adjusted to the new tires, a job that is justified for team boss Andreas Herbst. The first laps on the Dunlop have already brought about a clear improvement in times.

And what does Dunlop say about it?

The tire manufacturer from Hanau has just recently moved the entire production for the elaborate GT sports tires from England to South Hesse and was happy about the change in the team after equipping the equally used Premio-SLS with tires. After the failure of one of the two Glickenhaus SCG003c Fortunately, the human resources were also free. Because the tires alone haven't done it. A Dunlop tire engineer is now supporting the Team Car Collection.

And there should be no shortage of tires either. Dunlop has brought over 2.800 tires to the Eifel. With 25 employees, you stand by the teams.

With two SLSs, a BMW Z4 and a Glickenhaus SCG 003 C, the chances of success for the Hanau tire brand are increasing. It would be the 18th victory in the Eifel.

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