N24h - Thursday

The first qualification training for this year's Eifelhatz is currently underway. Once around the clock, from 16pm on Saturday for 24 hours. In the meantime it has started to rain, the Eifel just can't help it. As always, fans and motorsport enthusiasts experience the “famous and notorious” Eifel weather.

Despite questionable speed limits, the problems here around the route as a “cultural asset” and the many open questions about the future, the mood of those who have already traveled is good. The campsites still have gaps. From the press center you can see the hill over the Hatzenbach and there are definitely free spots.

It remains to be seen what fans will follow, but “Father's Day” has usually been the ideal day of arrival. Especially since the party and the extensive program here, around the 24-hour race, is already in full swing.

As usual in recent years, autohub.de will report the 24-hour race directly from the Eifel. The topics this year? 

Mercedes-AMG is once again launching 8 AMG SLS GT3s, which is definitely worth a closer look. Then we have to talk about Audi. For example, Audi is bringing the new GT3 variant of the R8 to the Eifel region and staffing these vehicles with top drivers. After an interview with Christopher Haase last year, Christopher promptly won the race. This year, however, we will talk to the Glickenhaus team, take a look at the Dunlop tires of the SP-X vehicle and talk about the chances of the outsider.

And then there is still time for a look over your shoulder. The Nordschleife enjoys cult status in Japan, so the Japanese manufacturers hang in there. SUBARU, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus - the Japanese are again strongly represented this year. We will definitely take a deeper look at the Lexus brand and talk to the team.

But this year there is still a high point before the actual race! The WTCC race over the Nordschleife will be a highlight in the WTCC calendar, we talk to Honda driver Norbert Michelisz about the WTCC adventure.

Full program, full lot.

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