N24h - Will Mercedes-Benz win?

Mercedes wants the surprise at the 24 hour race

Mercedes already made it this year when the Start list of the ADAC Zurich 24h raceto surprise the fans as well as the teams. The waiting time was very long before the Mercedes Team works pilots received permission and approval to start on the Nordschleife this year. And there were also some surprises among the pilots. The two German drivers Christian Vietoris and Maximilian Götz will start this year with an SLS AMG GT3. Vietoris is at the wheel at Zakspeed Racing and Götz at Haribo Racing.

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Götz shines with a lot of experience

The pilot Götz can look back on numerous years of experience and is now contesting his fourth ADAC Zurich 24h race. With the Mercedes SLS, the top pilot has already had several victories. It remains to be seen whether experience will be of benefit to him. In contrast to Götz, the team for which he now drives has only recently switched from Porsche to Mercedes. At the 24 hour qualifying race, Götz already ensured a pole position and thus persuasiveness. Unfortunately, a technical defect prevented the victory of the Mercedes Boliden and thus the Haribo team.

By the way, Götz already started with a gullwing this year, in this race the race driver secured seventh place overall with the HTP Motorsport team. On such weekends, Götz also tries to spend time with his fans. Götz reports: "Last year I drove the scooter to the spectator seats in Schwalbenschwanz and Brünnchen and had a little chat with the fans."

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The first race for Christian Vietoris

In contrast to Götz, Christian Vietoris now has his first 24 hour race. Although his place of residence is almost directly around the corner, the works driver has to prove what he can do on the racetrack.

At the qualifying race, the newcomer got his first racing experience with a Mercedes racing car. "I didn't want to see my first lap from the outside," said Vietoris. “The second and third were much better and then I was able to push myself to the limit. The whole route is great fun. Unfortunately, I don't know the names of the individual passages yet. "

The newcomer is contesting his 24 hour race with the Zakspeed Racing team. In doing so, he was looking for a racing team that has many years of experience and will start this year in the 43rd edition of the 24-hour race with an AMG gullwing.


Numerous teams rely on Mercedes this year

This year Mercedes has placed its vehicles with a total of six teams. These six teams together use eight Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3s. In addition, two other gullwing cars are used by the Black Falcon and Rowe Racing teams. This means that Mercedes is strongly represented with its cars this year.


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