N24h - Deserved success for the Falken Porsche

Falken Motorsports has a great performance ADAC 24h race 2015 presents. After eventful 24 hours, Peter Dumbreck (Scotland), Wolf Henzler (Nürtingen), Alexandre Imperatori (Switzerland) and Martin Ragginger (Austria) secured the outstanding 3. Place.

"We are overjoyed with this result," says Markus Bögner, Marketing and Sales Director, after the race. "Our goal was a podium finish. We achieved that with a convincing and mature performance. "

On Saturday at 16:00 p.m., race director Walter Hornung sent the participants of the ADAC 24-hour race Nürburgring to the Hatz twice around the clock. Martin Ragginger fought his way up from the 19th start position to 15th and then handed over to his teammates. While the favorite died out at the top - a tribute to the high initial speed - the turquoise-blue Porsche 911 GT3 R reliably completed its laps.

Especially the "black gold", The tires specially supplied from Japan, were an important key to success. Again and again drizzling conditions made the conditions on the Nordschleife difficult and led to numerous accidents. However, the team around Sven Schnabl kept the overview even in these situations and routinely chose the right tires. Both the profile-free slicks and the specially developed rain tires ensured safe handling and the decisive advantage over the strong GT3 competition.

At halftime dived Falken Motorsports for the first time in the area of ​​the podium and was even able to take the lead at times. In the end, Peter Dumbreck, Wolf Henzler, Alexandre Imperatori and Martin Ragginger secured the outstanding 3. Ranking in the overall standings and thus, for the first time, a podium finish in the ADAC 24h race at the Nürburgring.

Finally, Peter Dumbreck: "After finishing fourth last year, we were expected to improve. The team has withstood the pressure for 24 hours. Especially at night it was with the changing weather conditions sometimes very demanding. We always had a knack for choosing tires, and the Falken tires mastered the challenges perfectly. We had no big problems over the distance and actually only completed routine stops. We are very satisfied."

N24h Nurburgring 003 the winners


Photos: SB-Medien, Stefan Baldauf, imagetrust, Robert Kah

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