Sustainably scrape ice!

Let's not fool ourselves! The topics of sustainability, ecological responsibility, environmental protection and resources are omnipresent this year. That's a good thing, because many companies now pay attention to it and offer corresponding products. For many consumers, the rethinking in the mind has already begun, the buying behavior has changed and often resort to the environmentally conscious alternative.
But what is sustainability? What is responsibility? What does saving resources mean and which ice scrapers do we recommend this year? The answers to these questions and much more information are now available.

What does sustainability mean?

The adjective “sustainable” means: “has a strong effect over a long period of time”. We understand the term sustainability to be a special principle when it comes to mining or using resources. If we do something sustainable, then the natural ability to regenerate must be guaranteed.

What is responsibility?

It is our duty to ensure that everything goes well and that no damage occurs as far as possible. We have an obligation to stand up for events and stand straight for the consequences. Of course, one has to take responsibility for the coming generations and for the ones going.

Why do we have to save resources and what is that anyway?

Behind the term “resources” we mean a (natural) stock of something that we need. Oil, water, money - all resources can be exhausted faster than we'd like. For this reason, we have to save or handle the inventory carefully.

Even when Ice scraper purchase you can save resources! We recommend this to you today because our partner KUNGS has been offering ecologically acceptable alternatives for years.

Which ice scraper do we recommend this year?

Today we present you the Mega-is Green, the ice scraper that is good for the environment.

The 77cm long Mega-is Green Ice Scraper from KUNGS is made of 70% recycled material! The Mega-is has a whisk. The bristles of the KUNGS brushes consist of 100% recycled material. The bristles are made of PET plastic. One could say that the bristles consist of recycled bottles. The scraper itself is made of polycarbonate, which is also made of 100% recycled material. In order to ensure the high quality standard and to ensure frost resistance, new material was only mixed with the handle. But as already mentioned, the material mix also consists of 70% recycled plastic.

The Mega-Is Green presents itself robust and thanks to the length you can also remove snow and ice from the car roof. The scraper blade is, as with many other KUNGS ice scrapers also rotatable. This polycarbonate scraper blade provides a very good scratching performance in the fight against icy slices. 

The stem is particularly robust. So you can apply enough pressure to get rid of the ice quickly and easily, thus ensuring a clear view. Here you can buy the Mega-IS ice scraper.

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