NAIAS 2015: Schaeffler asks for a coffee

At the Detroit Motor Show NAIAS 2015 (12.-25 January 2015) and in line with Schaeffler's "Mobility for Tomorrow" strategy, Schaeffler will once again be presenting a close-to-production concept vehicle that already meets the CAFE standards for the year 2025.

CAFE stands for Corporate Average Fuel Economy and describes the increasingly restrictive statutory fleet consumption regulations. "With the Schaeffler Vehicle Efficient Future Mobility North America CAFE 2025, we are once again showing how the interaction of innovative technologies can bring significant improvements in terms of fuel consumption and pollutant emissions," says Schaeffler Technology Director Prof. Peter Gutzmer.

The vehicle is based on a modern, all-wheel drive midsize SUV with automatic transmission. Last year, Schaeffler already demonstrated a first stage of expansion, with which the US CAFE consumption specifications of the year 2020 can be cost-effectively fulfilled. "At the Detroit Motor Show 2015 we bring a new stage of expansion: The central point of the concept vehicle CAFE 2025 is a mild hybridization with 48 Volt," explains Prof. Gutzmer. "That's how we achieve the strict specifications that will apply in the North American market in ten years' time. And again with a cost-conscious approach. "

In addition to the 48 VoltHybridization involves numerous other Schaeffler technologies, including a permanently installed starter, an all-wheel drive disconnect clutch, a thermal management module and comprehensive measures for damping and optimizing friction in the drive train. "With this vehicle, Schaeffler is once again demonstrating the impressive optimization potential that can be achieved through a holistic approach," says Jeff Hemphill, CTO of Schaeffler in America. "In this way, Schaeffler makes significant contributions to tomorrow's green mobility."

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