Nice try, car picture.

There are car newspapers and there is Autobild. Of course I read the Autobild. Yes, I have to stand by it. Of course, there are a lot of other newspapers too. And yes, sometimes I have this feeling that these papers are only properly read by the industry itself, which in turn plays the main role in them.

So I read "Car picture". Always in the bathroom. Anyway, the last room in which I still hold print media in my hand. Probably because if they get wet, the loss is not so great. Unlike the iPad. 

The Car picture Keep trying to be an opinion leader and maintain some entertaining categories. One of them is “The Last Word”. In the edition of February 17, 2012, editor Matthias Moetsch has the last word and he writes about “being and appearing”?

The headline reads:

“Ojemine, BMW”.

Quote: A quote is missing. The text is so short, if I would quote the most necessary, then probably the Springer lawyers would write me for infringement of whatever. Therefore, I try to give the content according to the meaning:

At BMW, the current 3 Series are delivered in 3 equipment variants. “Sport”, “Luxury” and “Modern”. What do you think of now when you hear these 3 equipment lines? I think of: “sporty, luxurious and modern”. What is the Springer man thinking about? To “modern”. "Modern?" Do you remember? Also to be used as a verb for: “the leaves are rotting” or: “modern in the cellar ..”. But somehow it has become unusual.

Now. From this ambiguous word, which admittedly comes to mind when you work more with paper than with digital media and modern technologies, you can put a constructed reproach in awkward words - or just pretend it was through the " Duden argument ”is easy to understand. And that is what Mr. Moetsch then too. But the Duden throws the word “modern” as the first result and the explanation: “the prevailing or latest fashion accordingly”And only with further explanations the little used weak verb“ modern ”out.

He ends his excursion into the ancient world of verbs with the remark: "This is really old-fashioned." I can only agree with him. His thinking is rather old-fashioned - and so is his medium, by the way.


PS: I recommend Mr. Moetsch a blog. Because as I blog in my car, he would then always have the last word and not only if he wants to publish a constructed Klamauk.

Have a nice weekend!


PS 2: To the exclamation “Ojemine” says the Duden By the way: “obsolete”. Hm. Fits great 😉


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