New US rules for robot cars

Not all approval rules for cars make sense for robot mobiles. The USA is now canceling some - also because many models will no longer have a driver worthy of protection on board.  

The US is clearing the way for self-driving cars. The traffic safety authority NHTSA has presented new approval rules for future robot vehicles, which include the possibility of eliminating the steering wheel and pedals. In addition, autonomous delivery vehicles are exempt from certain crash test requirements. It is primarily about those that concern the protection of human inmates. The US government wants to accelerate the introduction of autonomous vehicles by dismantling traditional rules.  

In Germany, the federal government is planning to introduce new rules for autonomous driving for the current legislative period. The law is intended to create the basis for the operation of autonomous vehicles and make the associated innovations in road traffic feasible. Regulations on type approval should, however, only be included on a transitional basis, as these are decided at European level.  

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