New particulate matter problem - is there a threat of driving bans for e-cars?

The e-car catches up with the total cost of ownership

In the major German cities, the limit values ​​for fine dust are rarely exceeded. Nevertheless, there are critics who dislike cars and who are calling for further tightening. New driving bans are already looming, but because petrol and diesel are getting cleaner, a driving ban could soon affect electric cars too, and there is a simple reason for that.

No improvements

It sounds completely paradoxical, the air in German cities is getting better and better because cars are producing fewer and fewer pollutants, but supposedly there is still no improvement. It is precisely the so much vaunted e-cars that are responsible for the deterioration. At least that is what a new study by the OECD says, which has caused quite a stir. The concern expressed in this study is that there may always be further growing Number of e-cars will cause fine dust levels to rise again.

Allegedly a problem with combustion engines

Many people assume that fine dust is primarily responsible for lung diseases due to the particle emissions from combustion engines. For this reason, speed limits were imposed in the inner cities and access restrictions for older cars were enforced. Traveling in the environmental zone without the corresponding environmental badge is expensive, because a fine of 80 euros is due for a violation. But now the topic of fine dust is getting a completely new variant and that affects the highly praised electric cars.

Just a small part

Only at first glance are cars with an electric motor clean cars that automatically ensure that pollution from fine dust in cities is reduced. Unfortunately, only a small part of the particulate matter is caused by cars that run on petrol or diesel. Research has shown that the fine dust content is still through the abrasion of the brakes, the tires and the road surface is increased. E-cars are not entirely innocent of this fine dust, because, as the French tire manufacturer Michelin found out, the tires of e-cars have a shorter lifespan. This is mainly due to the fact that a car with an electric motor weighs significantly more than a classic car with a combustion engine.

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