News: Bolloré Bluesummer - plastic convertible with electric drive

PSA is building an e-convertible for Bolloré

The Bolloré Bluesummer goes into small series in autumn. The electricConvertible should roll off the assembly line at the PSA plant in Rennes from September. A recently announced cooperation agreement between the automaker and the French conglomerate Bolloré provides for the construction of 15 cars a day. A maximum of 3.500 vehicles are to be produced each year.

In France, the bluesummer is considered a kind of potential successor to the legendary Citroen Méhari beach car. In addition to the slightly bizarre exterior and the simple soft top, the plastic body is one of the similarities. Together with an aluminum chassis, this should make the bluesummer light enough to cover around 150 to 250 kilometers on a single charge. The electric motor with up to 50 kW / 68 hp accelerates the 3,65 meter long four-seater to 120 km / h to a maximum, speed 60 should be reached from a standing start after 6,3 seconds.

The price for the fun convertible is said to be around 20.000 euros, plus battery rental. However, the state in France grants a subsidy of around 6.300 euros on the model. In addition to free sales, the bluesummer should also be available in car sharing in the future. Both Bolloré and PSA are involved in this business with the "Autolib" and "Multicity" brands.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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