News: Fisker Thunderbolt - Back to the roots

Designer Henrik Fisker once developed Aston Martin's modern design DNA. Now he optically upgraded a sports car of the brand again. The study premiered as Fisker Thunderbolt at the automotive beauty pageant in Amelia Island, Florida.


The coupe based on the Aston Martin Vanquish V12 is not a cooperation with the British manufacturer, with which Fisker was at the beginning of the millennium and with DB9 and Vantage created the nucleus for the current design of the British, but a joint project with the US tuner Galpin. While the technical basis with the 424 kW / 576 hp twelve-cylinder engine remains untouched, the body was completely rebuilt from carbon fiber laminate. Fisker gives the coupe its basic style, but refines it with numerous details. There is a new grille, new fenders and headlights and a new bonnet. The rear window now extends into the body flanks and the roof is made entirely of glass. There is also a new interior with a curved touchscreen, fine Italian leather and an integrated champagne bar.


Officially, the Thunderbolt is only intended as a finger exercise. Should solvent prospects be found, Galpin and Fisker would build individual copies. There is no information about the prices. Even the basic vehicle costs a good 250.000 euros.

Born in Denmark, Fisker started his designer career at BMW in the 90s, where he helped develop the Z8 luxury sports car. In the 2000s he moved to Ford and headed the design of the then subsidiary Aston Martin. Later he went freelance with the Fisker Coachbuild company.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X

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