News: Coming electric cars - the next wave

The Chevrolet Bolt could come to Europe as an Opel

The first wave of electric cars has died down. The big manufacturers have presented their models, the offer is available. For the next two to three years. Then the second wave comes. And with it some models that might finally help the technology to make a breakthrough.

The launch of the new version of a model that has so far been one of the most successful electric cars in Germany: the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive. In addition to the two-door, the new four-door Forfour with electric drive is also launched. Daimler does not reveal details yet, but the range should at least increase slightly compared to the current model, and prices will decrease. It is also clear that the Smart remains a purely electric car. There will be no plug-in hybrid drive, as currently offered by the car manufacturers as an alternative to the battery-powered vehicle.

This also applies to the Nissan Leaf. The world's most popular scooter could provide a powerful boost when the second generation starts in the United States in late 2016. Europe will probably only benefit from the range, which may have doubled to around 2017 kilometers, in 300. At the same time, Nissan seems to want to smooth the car's design slightly so that it fits better into the conventionally powered brand family.

For Nissan, a lot depends on Leaf, the currently best-selling electric car worldwide and in the US. Because the Chevrolet Bolt is an ambitious competitor on the American market in 2017. According to the manufacturer General Motors, the stylishly designed mini crossover should be able to travel more than 300 kilometers and cost less than $ 30.000 - at least after deduction of government subsidies. It may come to Europe in 2018 under the Opel logo. If the values ​​and prices remained almost the same, the scooter could hit like a bomb.

VW also promises a small revolution. In 2018, Europe's market leader wants to launch a five-seater electric vehicle with a range of around 500 kilometers. So at least a little detailed announcement from head of development Ulrich Hackenberg.

And the other German manufacturers? They work mostly on Tesla. In response to its prestige success with the Model S E-Sedan, Porsche is apparently now planning its own electric glider below the Panamera. The business model could come onto the market in 2018. The BMW i2018, expected for 5, the first touring sedan in the i family, which may receive a combustion engine in addition to the electric motor, is likely to go in the same direction. Audi, on the other hand, is reported to be planning an electric SUV for this time. Possibly based on the upcoming Q8, a coupé version of the Q7 just presented.

Tesla is continuing to work on the launch of its new Model X. The crossover of SUV and family van is expected to be available shortly. At the beginning of 2016, the Californians want to present their new entry-level model 3 - and revolutionize the electric car market a second time. The mid-size sedan is said to cost only around 40.000 to 45.000 euros and should be on the market in 2017. So far, however, the dates mentioned in the announcements have not always been completely reliable

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X


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