News: Concept vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show - crazy delighted

They look futuristic, like with gullwing doors, many screens, almost no switches and buttons, some can not even drive - at every fair in the world are studies and concepts that attract visitors. As three-dimensional designs they take their viewers into another world. However, not all find their way as a production model on our roads. And if so, then often in a modified form. Also at this year's Geneva Motor Show, there are design gadgets that are too off the hook for reality.

Traditionally, the Swiss vehicle developer Rinspeed is showing a spectacular study in Geneva. This time, he brings an automotive buddy to the fair, the Budii, in cooperation with various suppliers. The self-propelled prototype based on the electrically driven BMW i3 wants to make life easier for its owner with all sorts of technology.


The core of the concept is a movable robotic arm in the interior that can stretch the steering wheel of the Budii towards the driver or front passenger if required. If the mobile is traveling autonomously, the steering column disappears in the middle or can also be used as a storage table, for example.

The Rinspeed Budii has a wide range of infotainment options. The system recognizes, for example, the driver's habits and preferences and simplifies the necessary operating steps on the huge touch screen in the center console. The Budii also thinks its part when it comes to autonomous driving and learns from “experience” in traffic. It can also network with other vehicles, pay for a parking ticket or top up a cell phone.

The highlight is an 70 centimeter telescopic telescope on the roof. Thanks to the laser scanner and high-resolution camera, it displays the surrounding terrain in three dimensions and automatically adjusts the suspension and suspension height. He also bypasses obstacles, even autonomously.


Development service provider Edag relies on fabric instead of steel for its extreme light-weight study Light Cocoon. The body of the sports car is not made of light metal or carbon, but made of a very lightweight three-ply fabric, which contributes to the outdoor specialist Jack Wolfskin. Stability is provided by an underlying skeletal aluminum structure that can be manufactured by an 3D printer. The tent-like structure is designed to protect against wind and weather. The bonnet made in this way is said to be 25 percent lighter than the conventional design.


The Urviech Mercedes G 500 4 × 4 hoch 2 is probably not allowed to have a flash of lightning on the road, the prospects for series production are too vague. The off-road vehicle study basks in the sun at the trade fair. If it darkens, the earth is on the verge of sinking, rubble, debris and impenetrable obstacles make it difficult to get to your destination or steep slopes and water crossings cross the path - you want this rustic fighter by your side.


A counterpart to the mighty Überwürfel of Mercedes stands on the booth of the design office Italdesign Giugiaro. The straightforward and sleek concept Gea sees itself as an automotive wellness office. Special lighting settings should contribute to the relaxation, the entertainment program offers training videos that should be carried out in the vehicle. Comfortable seats made of the finest leather invite you to relax. If the eyes are then too heavy, the chic sedan can drive independently.

Closer to the series is the Lexus LF-SA. The study of a possible small car of Toyota's noble daughter immediately stands out with its oversized grille. The narrow headlights move far outwards, so-called, the view leads to the middle - on the überpresents the Lexus logo emblazoned. The small doors are almost lost in the muscular body, the oversized wheels typical of concept vehicles dominate the side view. But the tail of the nearly 3,50 meter long bullies acts wild, edgy and unsorted. With his concise and strikingly sharp proportions he wants to draw the attention of younger drivers to the brand.


Of course, the design studies freed from other production constraints will not enrich our street scene in the form shown here. Some of the Cabinet of peculiarities, but it certainly creates in future models. If not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Author: Adele Moser / SP-X

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