News: Mini John Cooper Works - little cracker

The BMW subsidiary has now also launched a John Cooper Works version of the new Mini. For the confident base price of 29.900 euros, you get 170 kW / 231 hp.

Also from the new one Mini the BMW subsidiary has now launched a John Cooper Works version again. For the self-confident base price of 29.900 euros, you get 170 kW / 231 hp, which means that in terms of performance and price it is within a few euros at the level of the all-wheel drive Audi S1.

The Mini is known as a driving machine in practically every motorization. As JCW, it mutates into a real sports car with extremely precise handling properties and a pull that almost takes your breath away. After 6,1 seconds, the automatic transmission reaches 100 km / h, and with a top speed of 246 km / h, the three-door car is also difficult to crack on the highway. The maximum mini, however, mainly cleans curves like no other small car and still convinces with a successful chassis tuning, which leaves much more than the often cited "residual comfort". Incidentally, the Englishman also brakes excellently, the Brembo sports facility doesn't grab too hard, its effect can also be dosed well.

If you set the switch from Sport or Normal to Green, the JCW becomes a reserved city car that manages without unnecessary attacks on the eardrum. This range is a strength of the English anyway. The larger engine and the maximum 320 Newton meters that are available over practically the entire usable speed range also allow confident cruising.

By the way, you can recognize it from the rear by the double exhaust in the middle with special tailpipes, at the front there are additional air intakes and LED headlights as standard. And of course, there must be an independent roof spoiler, just like the special front and rear aprons. And so that every non-mini connoisseur knows what to do, the JCW label is emblazoned on the front, back and on the sides.

Of course, you can still pimp the 3,87 meter small car despite its high base price. For example with navigation, leather, head-up display or assistance systems. A sensible investment is definitely the six-stage automatic, which is designed as a sports transmission, which changes gears extremely quickly and, above all, at the ideal time. However, it costs an additional 1.850 euros.

A sensibly equipped Mini John Cooper Works will hardly be put together under 35.000 euros. A lot of money per centimeter car length, but there is nowhere more fun per centimeter - if we want to stay with this unit.

Author: Peter Eck / SP-X

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