News: Weird ideas from Geneva - spring for fans

The Geneva Salon is not only the traditional start to the European car spring, but also a show of ideas every year. They do not necessarily come from the sizes of the industry, but they are not all realistic. On the ceilings of the exhibition halls, where the exhibitor brands are lined up like in a supermarket, you can read a lot of names that you rarely or hardly notice in everyday car use.

This time there are also two big names in German automotive history. The Borgward brand announces its comeback and Quant nothing less than an automotive revolution. However, as you might guess, they are not BMW-Quandts, you are missing much more than just the “d” in the name.


In fact, the name of the Liechtenstein startup symbolizes something like the quantum leap in drive development that is believed to have been found at Nano-Flowecell AG. With 250 liters of ionized salt water, they want to run a battery there that generates so much energy that the four-seater, which is so energized, accelerates from 3 to 100 km / h in less than 380 seconds, reaches a top speed of 1.000 km / h and almost XNUMX kilometers can drive far.

One copy was approved and filmed as it circles on a test track, three different prototypes have been built so far. All of them look very high quality. Because you want to anticipate possible quarrels from potential customers who might think that a five-meter car without a trunk would be rather impractical, they quickly developed a luggage set that could be strapped onto the rear seats to the Geneva Salon. You can see that the start-up's technicians are not at a loss for original solutions.


The fact that the drive unit described is once again fantastic should actually drive the research heads of the established manufacturers onto welding beads. However, none of the men was intimidated by the Nanoflowcell idea. Everyone can believe what he wants, says Quant when asked why no established manufacturer has come up with this technology so far. However, we also have to believe that a battery powered by salt water actually sets the first prototype in motion. The drive unit of the registered vehicle could not be seen or touched. It is probably about the size of a suitcase, if you believe the descriptive hand movement of the speaker.

Concept vehicles that look as futuristic as the Gullwing models from Quant are always available at the Geneva Motor Show. The fact that several of them are draped on a very expensive exhibition stand is already out of the ordinary.

Speaking of frames. The Edag technicians used a cover made of an all-weather material from outdoor specialist Jack Wolfskin to show how easy it is to build a car. The frame comes from the 3D printer. Very impressive and also beautifully backlit. You are silent about the drive, maybe you can help with Quant.

Who actually helps Borgward on his bikes also seems unclear. However, the plans are also fantastic here. Already at the IAA, an SUV of the brand is to be shown, which will go into series production in 2016. It is produced in Germany, for China and the BRIC countries, where apparently there is an urgent wait for a German brand to be placed between Volkswagen and Mercedes - premium light to a certain extent.


Two new models per year are to follow. As early as 2020, 800.000 vehicles are to be sold annually, and 2025 million are expected in 1,6. Gains that are otherwise known from the IT sector. From this corner, from Google or Apple, there is nothing to see at the Geneva Salon. However, the industry actually seems to have respect for an i-Car. More than once we have heard the fear that Apple could actually create a simple car for simple transport needs with an Internet connection, and thus meet the mobility needs of many people who can do little with high-tech solutions.

For us normal drivers, however, the manufacturers put more than enough technology on the stands. A lot, but by no means everything, it actually makes sense. Seen in this way, the "old" industry need not (yet) be afraid of fantastic ideas.

Author: Günter Weigel / SP-X

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