News: Insurance amounts 2016 - New type classes calculated

The Range Rover Sport 3.0 TD, popular with car thieves, for example, slips into higher comprehensive classes

For the coming year, some drivers will change the classification of their vehicles with liability and comprehensive insurance. 45 percent of fully or fully insured cars are classified in new type classes, reports the German insurance industry (GDV). With regard to motor vehicle liability insurance, nothing changes for 70 percent of vehicles registered in Germany. The type class is one of the characteristics that insurers take into account when calculating the premium. The lower the rating, the more favorable it is on the tariff.

Motor vehicle liability is rated 14 percent lower, the class increases for around 16 percent, and most are only reclassified by one class. In the future, a lower rating will apply to the BMW 420d Coupé, the Soda Octavia Combi 1.2 TSI will slide into a higher type class.

Lower classes result for around 8,6 million fully comprehensive insurance and almost 5,3 million partially comprehensive insurance. Statisticians have calculated higher type classes for a total of 1,1 million fully insured cars. Among other things, were downgraded Opel Mocha 1.6 or Suzuki Alto 1.0. In contrast, the Range Rover Sport 3.0 TD, which is popular with car thieves, slips into higher comprehensive classes.

The current type class classification of the GDV for around 26.000 different models can be called up at The type classes reflect the damage and accident balance sheets of every car model registered in Germany. For the calculation, the vehicle damage and the resulting repair costs of the last three years are considered. The type class in liability is primarily influenced by the type of vehicle and the driving style of the user. In the case of comprehensive insurance, car theft or glass damage are also included in the assessment. Insurance companies usually apply the new type classes to existing and new contracts by January 1 of the new year.

Author: Hanne Lübbehüsen / SP-X

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