News: Yamaha is planning a small car - four wheels instead of two

Motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha wants to enter the car business. According to a report of the Japanese business paper "Nikkei" is a two-seated microcars start in Europe starting with 2019. Later, more markets could be added. The study of such a vehicle, the company had already presented 2013 under the name "Motive" at the auto show in Tokyo. According to the report, an electric version and a variant with a small one-liter gasoline engine are planned.

The Yamaha Group is one of the most important manufacturers of musical instruments and the world's second largest motorcycle producer, but also builds car engines for the Toyota subsidiary Lexus. Even Ford and Mazda already related engines from the Japanese. The entry of a motorcycle manufacturer into the car production already has prominent examples. BMW and Honda also started with motorized two-wheelers. And even completely unrelated companies such as Apple or Google are apparently thinking about getting into the car business.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X


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