Oh your cellular provider


Another week until the end of the month, but once again my “T-Mobil Flat” tariff is limited in speed to 1GB data volume. Great. Not.
You have to know here: Emails. Tweets. Facebook and Instagram, but not a hotspot for the notebook. In principle, a normal usage scenario for a smartphone.

Unfortunately not for Telekom.

So I call the hotline. I'm in a traffic jam anyway and have the time to get annoyed again about T-Mobil.

I am polite, I am aware that the employee on the hotline is not to blame.

When I complained about this flat, which, after one gigabyte, caused the data on the freeway to stall, as well as this accident here, traffic on the A3, I learn that Telekom must carry out this throttling. Legally required. Because it is about ensuring network quality. Ah.

But I can buy 4 GB.

? Whoever finds the satire can laugh too.

Well. I bought the 4GB, no one should say that I had tarnished the network quality of T-Mobile.

Less fun, but remarkable:
While at Telekom you get a data flat that is not. If you make it clear at Eplus: Blogger road trips do not fit the company.

Before I ask whether a driver, blogger or just the combination of the two does not fit. I save myself further concepts and solve the mobile UMTS hotspot question for blogger road trips alone.
But probably not with T-Mobile. We don't want to just stay on the Autobahn data.



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