Opel loses, Trabi wins

Opel is losing its visibility on German roads

The car fleet is growing. But not every manufacturer benefits from it. Some have lost a lot of their presence over the past ten years. 

The number of cars on German roads is increasing continuously. Although the fleet has grown by 2010 million since 6,5, some brands have lost a lot of their presence, according to an analysis by the Center Automotive Research (CAR). It therefore hit Opel the hardest. 

Between 2010 and 2021, the Rüsselsheim brand lost 1,092 million customers in Germany. Last year alone there were 116.000. The experts predict that the takeover by PSA will not stop the trend either. Because the group brand Peugeot (minus 191.000 cars) is one of the losers in the inventory statistics. Renault, Jeep and Honda are also down six digits. The long-standing import master Toyota is also losing its visibility: In the past decade, the Japanese have lost around 52.000 cars. 

Skoda has long since taken over the position as the strongest foreign brand. The Czech fleet has grown by around 2010 million cars since 1,36. The parent brand VW also grew strongly (plus 1,35 million units). There were six-digit increases at Hyundai, Mercedes, Kia, Audi, Seat, Dacia, BMW, Mini, Porsche and Smart. And there is another surprising winner: Sachsenring. Although the brand no longer exists, the number of registered vehicles has risen by 2010 cars since 3.000. Probably also because numerous old Trabis were revamped and registered. 

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