Embarrassing number in the crash test - Mercedes Citan

I said early on that I was going to merge this project from Mercedes-Benz into a 10 year old Renault Kangoo using the simplest badge engineering Mercedes-city delivery to rebrand, consider highly questionable.

CITAN fails in the crash test

Source: ADAC

The ADAC has subjected the Citan to a crash test and has come to a disgraceful result. Only 3 out of 5 stars - that should never have happened in the history of the Swabian automobile manufacturer!

The Mercedes CITAN station wagon is largely identical in construction to the Renault Kangoo, which already showed 2008 weaknesses in the crash test. Mercedes should have revised this vehicle more, because only three out of five stars means a bad result for the CITAN. Although the vehicle has front, side and curtain airbags as well as belt tensioners including a force limiter on the front seats, there are weaknesses in the front crash and pole impact as well as pedestrian protection. Although ESP is standard, seat belt warners are not available for the front passenger seat or rear seat on all models. Child safety should also be better for a family vehicle.

Quote: ADAC - crash test Mercedes-Benz Citan

A disgrace in all disciplines

In the area of ​​occupant protection, the Citan only achieved 74 of 100 percent and failed especially in the area of ​​cervical spine protection. In addition, the side airbag is not opened correctly and so the side impact protection is insufficient.

In the test field: The Citan 69 achieved child safety of 100%. Even worse: With 56 out of 100% pedestrian protection. Apparently nothing was learned from the negative results of the 2008 Renault Kangoo.

  • the front edge and many edge areas of the bonnet are particularly aggressive

In the area of ​​active safety, however, it gets particularly dark, only 33 from 100%. One reason for this is that the seat belt warning device is only available to the driver.


Was Mercedes-Benz doing a special favor by choosing the Renault Kangoo as the basis for the city delivery van? I'm not afraid. Such a disgrace must not be allowed by a Mercedes-Benz.


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