New car registrations: boom in small cars

The Opel Corsa was in high demand in September

The demand for new cars increased in September. A certain type of car was in particular demand.  

The German new car market benefited from high demand for small cars in September. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), new registrations in the segment increased by 29 percent to 44.473 units. The most popular small car was the new Opel Corsa, which saw 6.146 new registrations, an increase of 22 percent and a market share of 14 percent within its class.

The market as a whole grew significantly in September for the first time since the Corona lockdown and grew by 8,4 percent to 265.227 new cars compared to the same month last year. As in the previous months, the strongest growth was seen in basic motorhome vehicles (plus 22 percent to 12.213 units).

The mini-vans (minus 47 percent) and vans (minus 20 percent), which are increasingly out of fashion, did not benefit from the increased demand. Sports cars also slipped slightly into the red (12 percent). The upper middle class remained at the previous year's level.

In the photo: Opel Corsa

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