RaceChip: From Baden-Württemberg into the world with Euromaster

Göppingen: A dreamy town in Baden-Württemberg, where the world still seems to be in order. At least until a vehicle leaves the RaceChip halls that is no longer fully equipped as standard. The tuner installs performance enhancements that get the best out of the vehicles, but show a homogeneous driving behavior. And at prices that are more than just competitive. So that this is not only the case in Göppingen or so that you can save yourself the long journey to Baden-Württemberg, RaceChip is now cooperating with the workshop partner Euromaster. The car professionals have 189 Euromaster workshops across Europe, through which RaceChip solutions can now also be sold.

Up to 30 percent more power with a simultaneous up to 15 percent lower consumption - that sounds like a fairy tale that seems to be spinning in the hair. But it is true: RaceChip increases torque, pulling power, acceleration and improves responsiveness. If you use the power that is now more widely available, there is nothing standing in the way of an early upshift, so that you benefit from lower consumption. Sounds logical, doesn't it?

The tuning is available in three different versions. That is the basis RaceChip Per 2 and costs only 269 euros. The "Ultimate" version, which already has a smartphone control, is located above it. In this way, three different power levels can be selected without even thinking about having to mess around under the hood. This variant costs 479 euros. You have to invest another 200 euros more if you want to add the "RaceChip Response Control" to the package. This is called accelerator pedal tuning, which is intended to improve the response time of the engine.

RaceChip Ultimate-connect 4
Fortunately, three steps from the medium performance increase

The comprehensive service package costs an additional 49 euros - which is definitely worth the price. This includes not only a test drive with the customer vehicle, but also reading out the fault memory and various guarantees. This guarantees mobility for one year, the Göppingen company grants two years for the engine and even five years for the product itself. That implies trust in your own technology. At generally compatible prices that can now be offered throughout Germany thanks to the cooperation with Euromaster.

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