Guide: The best tips for selling used cars

If you want to sell your car, you have many options. In addition to the classic advertisements in local newspapers, large online portals have established themselves, through which one can reach many potential buyers with little effort. However, selling on the Internet also has some disadvantages that you should be clear about in advance.

Determine the vehicle value and find the appropriate sales method

Before you offer your car for sale, you have to be clear about its price. We recommend taking a look at the Schwacke list ( Here you enter in a search mask which vehicle type you are driving and when the car was built. You then receive an extensive vehicle evaluation with which you can justify your price expectations in the sales talk. Then you think about which sales platform is best suited. We have listed the different options and summarized advantages and disadvantages:

Internet portal:

  • long range · Potential buyers already know exactly what they are looking for
  • the tour is only about the condition of the vehicle, the rest can be clarified in advance
  • inexpensive
  •  quick and easy
  • possibly very many interested parties, very many calls · sometimes very large distance between supplier and customer, especially with classic and exotic vehicles

Local newspaper:

  • potential customers come from the immediate vicinity
  • if the customer intends to purchase, the contract can be concluded quickly
  • more personal contact
  • Range limited
  • Few customers, especially for exotic and classic vehicles
  • Advertisements are visible much less long than on an online platform

Used car dealer:

  • uncomplicated processing · Dealer takes care of the sale
  • The retailer's suggested price can be easily checked
  • greater seriousness with larger providers
  •  you may not get the best price
  • no influence on the choice of the buyer


At the end... If you like it straightforward, you can sell your car through a used car dealer. You don't have to worry about anything here. If you want the best price for your vehicle, you should offer it online. Here, however, you have to plan enough time for discussions with potential customers.


The sale of rarities - as can be found for exotic customers

Today, car portals are no longer limited to current models. There are various special interest platforms where you can find classic and classic cars. If you want to offer a vehicle with historical value on the Internet, you can use a platform like use. Here you can register for free, create an account and wait for your customers to contact you. The advantage of specialized sales platforms is that you can upload high-resolution images up to 100 and refer directly to TÜV reports and certificates. This increases the chances of a quick sale.


Danger! Some principles apply across all models to the sale of old and new vehicles. A brief overview:

  • Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your vehicle before selling. The more neat it looks, the more money you will ultimately get for it.
  • Have your vehicle inspected by the TÜV before selling. With a valid badge and a valid emissions test, you can request a significantly higher amount.
  • Be honest with your buyers from the start. This applies particularly to damage caused by accidents. Conceal any safety-related impairments, make yourself punishable and the buyer can return the vehicle.
  • Hand over all the necessary papers and keys to the buyer
  • Create a written sales contract. You can find forms for this on the Internet.


Conversely, you should also pay attention to these things when buying a car. So you can be sure that you will not experience any nasty surprises later. You can find more information on buying a car in our category Buyer's guide, Here you will not only find model-specific buying tips for vehicles like the Citroen Berlingo or Mitsubishi Outlander, but also information on the purchase of former rental cars and other special vehicle types.


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