Guidebook: drive correctly

Safe on the way, even with a trailer

Especially on the trip to the holiday, when the space in the car is then scarce, happy and often comes Car Trailer in the game. It doesn't matter whether we have a caravan or a luggage tags or even talk about a boat trailer. Driving with the team must be practiced. The ADAC therefore advises you to be aware of the exact dimensions before you go on holiday and to check when planning the route whether the route is really suitable for a trailer. So that you can later get safely through underpasses and / or bridges.

Pairing scheme in Germany:

In Germany, combinations are allowed to drive a maximum of 80 km / h on motorways, but there is an exemption for certain vehicles up to 100 km / h. In France, however, combinations are allowed to travel a maximum of 130 km / h, but only if the technical conditions allow this. On the other hand, overtaking is prohibited on some of the main routes to the south. Anyone who disregards this ban risks a heavy fine and possibly even a driving license revocation. Especially abroad you should be aware of the sometimes draconian penalties.

In addition, a residential and luggage tag must be liable insured and taxed. Not affected are sports trailers, which run over the liability insurance of the towing vehicle. However, this insurance applies only as long as the trailer is coupled to the appropriate towing vehicle.

The ADAC therefore recommends additional trailer liability insurance.

Since most drivers do not drive a trailer every day, it is advisable to get used to the trailer a bit before starting off on a dirt track. Above all, the driving of curves and the backward driving should be practiced. It should also be noted that in addition to the braking distance and the acceleration processes extend significantly. When changing lanes on the highway abrupt steering movements should be avoided. In addition, especially on bridges with crosswind, which can bring the team to a halt. Here it helps to quickly but briefly on the brake and keep the steering wheel quiet.

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